What are TTgloves?

TTgloves are gloves that work on mobile devices with touchscreen display. Most often they are called as:

  • smart gloves
  • touchscreen gloves
  • gloves for touchscreen devices
  • iPhone gloves
  • Samsung gloves
  • etc…

They are winter gloves that enables you to use your favourite mobile devices without taking off your gloves. They are not only comfortable but also very precise, so they are just as convenient as using your devices with bare hands, only difference you will notice is that your hands will stay warm.

How do they work?

Detailed information about their functionality can be found HERE.

Can I use them for typing messages?

Of course! Not only that, you will be able to type with all fingers because they contain conductive fibers throughout the whole gloves surface, so you can use them no matter what your typing style is.

Do they work on ALL touchscreen devices?

YES! TTgloves – The Touchscreen Gloves work on all capacitive touchscreen devices, like iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC EVO, Nokia Lumia…

Can TTgloves damage screen?

NO! TTgloves will never damage your screens because they are made of very quality and soft materials.

What makes them better than other brans?

TTgloves – The Touchscreen gloves are the best solution for your touchscreen devices.

  • They give the best quality based on a price, what we consider as really important in current economic circumstances.
  • You can use them with ALL fingers! TTgloves do not contain conductive materials just on few finger tips but the conductive yarn is embedded throughout the whole glove.
  • They will NEVER damage your screen!
  • They are WARM! For
  • So tople. Unlike competing gloves that works only because they are really thin, TTgloves ensure that your hands will stay warm!

From which materials are TTgloves made?

They are made of:

  • 85,5% cotton
  • 7,5% elastane
  • 7% conductive yarn

Are gloves made of materials of animal origin?

NE! TTgloves are made of cotton, elastane and conductive yarn.

How do I maintain TTgloves - The Touchscreen Gloves?

It is recommended to wash TTgloves – The Touchscreen Gloves by hand and place them on a flat surface and wait for it to dry. It is prohibited to iron them or get them chemically cleaned or dried by centrifugation.