Smart phones are a necessity these days. Their advanced functions offer a lot more than just calling and sending messages. Despite their advanced technology, smartphones and other touchscreen devices still have some problems.Since normal gloves do not transmit electrical impulses that are necessary for operation, bare hands are needed to operate them…. But we offer you a solution!

How do capacitive touchscreen devices work?

Most of today’s devices (iPhone, iPad, HTC mobile phones, Samsung Galaxy, car navigation) use capacitive screens. These subsurfaces contain thousands of small wires, which form a network. Each wire carries a small electrical charge that changes when your finger touches it. This happens because the human body produces small amounts of electric charges (bioelectricity). Capacitive Touch Panel can detect tiny changes in electric charges and thus can accurately determine where your finger is on the screen.

Why normal gloves do not work?

The problem with these screens is that they act only when in contact with human skin, and we can not use them with a rod or with normal gloves. Usually goods can not transfer electrical impulses between our fingers and the screen surface.
Touchscreens only work when in contact with human skin. We are not able to to use touchscreens with rods or normal gloves because these items cannot carry the electrical impulses between our fingers and the screen surface. Therefore you are not able to operate a touchscreen device.

How TTgloves solve the problem?

In finding that the electrical charge that is felt at a distance, we have created the revolutionary TTgloves that allow touch screens to be operated the same way as with bare skin. The secret is in the special conductive fibre woven into the product creating exceptional accuracy on the screen surface.

Since the gloves TTgloves in 85.5% woven cotton, they are a very good thermal insulator and keep our hands warm even in the coldest of days. Elastane enable a perfect fit with sizes for all hand shapes.

Users of tablet computers (eg iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab) will be thrilled by the fact that the distribution of conductive fibres in the gloves allow all ten fingers to be used. This makes the entire keypad offered by tablet PCs available. Using TTgloves also avoids stains and marks left on the screen by skin.

TTgloves are of extreme quality combining comfort with a high degree of practicality, in short: enjoyable and beneficial.