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If you thought I was gone, here I am, alive and kicking. And there’s no better way of coming back than with a nice surprise for you guys. But more about that later.
If you follow Slovenian fashion blogs you sure must have noticed these amazing TT Gloves already. And here is my little contribution :)
I am sure that those who use touchscreen phones have stumbled upon the problem of not being able to use their phones without taking their gloves first. But thanks to the modern innovation, this is now made possible.
Thanks to the TTGloves I have received a pair of such gloves; and not only they are pretty and stylish, they also really work. At first I was sceptic that their functionality might only be limited to larger icons and such, but in fact I could use all the features of touchscreen, including texting, photo editing and so on.
And I am very thankful to TT Gloves for making my rest of the winter much more pleasurable, since now I can easily use my phone everywhere I go, without having to take off my gloves.

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