Declaration on the Protection of private data

DemiNet, Jan Demšar s.p., owner of the webstore ensures protection of personal data, which will be used only in purpose of informing you about the status of your delivery and for advertising. The provider guarantees to treat that data in confidence and not to pass it on to any third parties. In case of trouble or uncertainties with the delivery, the company is allowed to contact the consumer with means of distance communication.

By registering into the TTgloves store the user allows the provider to collect and use the personal data that the user enters while using the webstore. All the data that we save is intended only for business between us and the user and will never be passed on to any third parties.

DemiNet, Jan Demšar s.p. collects and saves following data for business purposes:

  • name, surname and physical address, which the user enters for the delivery of the ordered items),
  • e-mail address, (also serves as a log-in user name),
  • phone number, (as a contact in case of delivery problems)
  • password, (encrypted with a secret key),
  • data on orders, returns and transactions,
  • and any other data the user enters into the system while using the web store

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Data safety

In case of server downtime or a hacker attack the webstore manager can not be accountable for any loss or abuse of data.

For your safety we suggest that the password you use to register into the webstore is different than the one you use for your e-mail or PayPal.