How do I get the ordered items?

The ordered item will be shipped to you by Pošta Slovenije.

Address delivery

Delivery is carried out to the address that you enter when ordering the item. In addition to the primary address, you can specify an additional address, if you want the goods delivered to an address different from the billing address.

Who will deliver my shipment?

Goods ordered online will be shipped to you by Pošta Slovenije.

How long is the delivery time?

We have the products in stock, so we send them out in maximum of 48 hours after receiving the order. Delivery time varies from 6-10 days (excluding Sundays and holidays) depending on your location.

Status of your order can be tracked in the section Account -> Order History.

Delivery times:

EU Countries: 4-8 days

USA: 9-14 days

UK: 4-8 days

Australia: 7-10 days

Other countries:  9-14 days

Shipping Costs

The cost of delivery is dependent on the item. Currently we offer:

Currently, we offer free shipping, where shipping costs are covered by DemiNet, Jan Demšar s.p..